Consolidate your assets and benefit from lower fees with the Canadian Ford Dealers & Affiliates Pension & Financial Wellness Program

Consolidating your assets makes it easier for you to manage your portfolio. Did you know you could transfer in a balance from another financial institution to the Group RRSP or TFSA as part of the Canadian Ford Dealers Financial Wellness Program and benefit from the lower fees?

Do lower fees really make a difference?

Let’s say you transfer $15,000 to your Canadian Ford Dealers savings plan with a 1% Investment Management Fee (IMF). Over time, your account balance will grow more when compared to an account charging typical retail fees. That’s a potential savings of $4,274 over 10 years, $11,435 over 20 years or $23,034 over 30 years.

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There are even more benefits to consolidating your assets!
With ONE online account to access all your savings under the Canadian Ford Dealers & Affiliates Pension & Financial Wellness Program, you have access to innovative online retirement planning tools where you can manage all your investments in one place. These retirement tools are all also available through the Desjardins OMNI app where members can also manage their retirement savings and take advantage of tips and tools to take charge of their finances anytime, anywhere.

You are already enrolled in the Canadian Ford Dealers & Affiliates Pension Plan. To take advantage of the rebate, enrol in the Group RRSP and Group TFSA now.

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Want to know more about your Group RRSP and Group TFSA?

Just like the DC Pension Plan, the Group RRSP and Group TFSA can be used to save towards your retirement but can also serve broader goals. For instance, with your Group RRSP you could save towards the purchase of your first home or to further your education. As for the TFSA, it could help you save for any project you might have. We’ve summarized it all for you in this “Let’s compare different ways to save” chart.

How to transfer your assets
Complete the Individual Transfer form. The form can be found on the Desjardins website under My statement and documents > Forms and documents > Individual Transfer form. For new plan members, the transfer form is included in the enrollment kit provided by your Dealer Plan Administrator.

Call the Customer Contact Centre at 1-800-968-3587, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET.