Provide an efficient and flexible mechanism for delivering retirement and savings programs that meet the varied needs of dealers and their employees.


By aggregating resources and effort across Ford dealers and their affiliates, employees can benefit from lower costs, better program features and superior services compared to what they can likely achieve on their own.

About the Program

The Pension Plan for Employees of Canadian Ford Dealers and Affiliates was established by Ford Dealers. It is the only Pension Plan created by dealers for dealers in the automotive industry. It is offered exclusively to employees of Ford Dealers and any affiliated automotive franchises a dealer principal has some level of ownership in.

Since its inception in 1994, the Program has grown to over 3,500 members with over $150 million in assets. It is overseen by a Board of Trustees consisting of current or retired Dealer Principals from across Canada and one Independent Trustee.

The Trustees and the Program are advised by Aon, one of Canada’s top HR consulting companies. Its assets are professionally and securely managed by PH&N Institutional and Beutel Goodman Investment Counsel, two of Canada’s largest and most reputable investment managers. Member support and administration are provided by Desjardins.

Each Dealer Principal establishes the Pension Plan contribution and matching levels for their own Dealership. Members can take advantage of the Group RRSP and TFSA savings plans through payroll deductions as well as direct contributions.

What is it?

The Program consists of a Defined Contribution Pension Plan registered under British Columbia’s Pension Benefits Standards Act, and a group RRSP, TFSA, LIF and RRIF.

How is it structured?

The Program is professionally managed and overseen by a Board of Trustees made up of representative Ford Dealers.

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