Investment Options

With a variety of investment funds to choose from, you can build the investment strategy that is right for you. All available investment funds are professionally managed by PH&N Investment Services and Beutel Goodman, and their performance is monitored by the Program’s Board of Trustees. For more information on the Programs investment managers click here:

PH&N Institutional, a division of RBC Global Asset Management
Beutel Goodman Investment Counsel

For more information on the Programs investment options click here:

Desjardins Financial Services

Fund Type Fund
Target Date Fund Series PH&N LifeTime Target Date Funds
Balanced or Diversified Beutel Goodman Balanced Fund
PH&N Balanced Pension Trust
Canadian Equities Beutel Goodman Canadian Equity Fund
PH&N Canadian Equity Fund
PH&N Dividend Income Fund
Foreign Equities Beutel Goodman American Equity Fund
PH&N Overseas Equity Fund
Fixed Income PH&N Bond Fund
PH&N Short Term Bond & Mortgage Fund
PH&N Canadian Money Market Fund

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