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Transfer your existing TFSA or RRSP to your Ford Dealers and Affiliates Plan

Introducing the Pension & Financial Wellness Program for Employees of Canadian Ford Dealers and Affiliates

The Ford Dealers Pension Plan was introduced in 1994. Right now, more than 3,500 members – just like you – are taking control of their financial future. In 2019 and 2020, the Plan added additional savings and retirement payout products to help members along the entire financial wellness journey – from early career to post-retirement and every year in between! The Financial Wellness Program is designed to assist with your financial security at a key time in your life. Your retirement savings can grow that much faster through a combination of:
  • Your contributions
  • Dealership matching
  • Immediate tax savings on most registered plans through payroll deductions
  • Investment options carefully selected by the Program’s Board of Trustees
  • Lower investment management fees than the retail sector
  • Hassle-free investment solutions for every type of investor
  • Post-retirement income fund options to provide retirement income within the Program
  • Additional savings programs through RRSP and TFSA

Program Comparison

Choosing the right group retirement savings plan can be challenging. The Canadian Ford Dealers & Affiliates Pension & Financial Wellness Program offers a variety of financial wellness savings products to suit your needs.

Simply put, the Defined Contribution Pension Plan and the Group RRSP are tax-deferral tools that help you save for retirement, and the Group TFSA is a savings tool for everything else in your life including retirement. And when the time comes to retire, the Canadian Ford Dealers and Affiliates Pension and Financial Wellness Program is still there for you with the Group RRIF/LIF.

Compare our Retirement Savings Products and Retirement Income Plans below.

Why Join?

The Canadian Ford Dealers and Affiliates Pension and Financial Wellness Program provides effective and flexible ways to save for retirement and immediate savings goals. As your financial wellness journey continues through retirement, the Program is still there for you with Group RRIF/LIF products to fund your retirement dreams. You will be provided with the tools to help you achieve your goals, but you need to take the first step and join!